HOW to set Rolex Day-Date Watches: Change the Time, Date & Day

I'll be showing you how to adjust your Rolex Day-Date President today, So without further adieu, I'll show you how to adjust the date first, So this crown counterclockwise All the way You'Re. 

In the first position in which you can wind the watch, So you can go ahead and wind it in this position, 20 to 30 times no more as you might damage the movement by putting too much tension on it. Okay, So next up Second position, Just tug the crown out very gently Going clockwise will allow you to change the date. 

You can also adjust the top day as well at the 12 o'clock position by going counterclockwise, Okay And in this final position, keep your eye on the seconds hand, as we do a final pull That'll stop the seconds hand and allow you to adjust the hands by Directionally Set it to which ever time you prefer The seconds hand will stop in this position, mainly because this allows for precise time setting 

So you can set your time piece to an exact time such as an atomic clock online, So you can set it down to the exact seconds Crown back in We'll start the seconds hand once more Always make sure to screw your crown nice and tight against the Case You wan na keep your watch water resistant.